SEO marketing Services

SEO marketing Services

servise-seoHow does SEO work?

Basically, search engines use computer programs called bots, crawlers or spiders. These bots follow links from one page to another retrieving the contents of each page while doing it. Then, the contents are indexed and store in the search engine’s database. An SEO web design can help make the content on your website more relevant and easier to understand for crawlers.


What is SEO web Design?

Search engines want to refer users to the most relevant websites and contents. A website’s relevancy depends on its content, but also on the site’s overall performance and user experience. A website and its content have to be designed for SEO.

Is there such a thing as SEO WordPress site design?

Actually, yes, there is. WordPress is one of the greatest content management systems, but it takes time optimizing your WordPress site with the best SEO practices. It involves, among other things, identifying the most appropriate words to target and using them to create relevant content.

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